Medianis e-mail system provides a lot of advantages to its users:

  • 50MB mail box size
  • 10MB maximum size of a single message
  • 30 single mail boxes within the Inbox
  • 5 MB personal web presentation
  • reading and composing e-mail messages via mobile phone
  • anti-spam protection
  • web mail skin adjustement – four skins in two language versions – Serbian and English



Home users:

  • one e-mail address user_name@ medianis .net with POP3 protocol (50MB mail box size).
    Additional e-mail account activation is 50 din. per mail, with tax included.

Business users:

  • two e-mail addresses: one e-mail account for the company (ime_firme@ medianis .net), another for the company representative. 
    Additional e-mail account acctivation is 50 din. per mail, without tax included.